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Meet & Greet

September 17, 2018:

Over twenty writers and illustrators joined The Room to Write at Whitelam Books located at 610 Main Street, Reading MA for the September installment of our quarterly Meet & Greet, which is a free and casual way to get together with other local writers and illustrators of all genres and levels--this time with the added bonus of meeting Liz Whitelam, owner of Whitelam Books. Attendees had the opportunity to ask questions, introduce published books, share the exciting details about books soon-to-be-released, as well as purchase a book or two to support the important role that independent book stores play for local authors and artists.

There was a near 50/50 ratio of writers and illustrators, which is always refreshing and a great opportunity for connecting and possibly sparking future collaborations. A couple of playwrights evened out the mix! Several published authors introduced their books to those in attendance: Susie Rich brought several of her children's books including the timely DUANE: Don't Underestimate Any Natural ElementsCarol Gordon Ekster held up her latest children's book You Know What?Elaine Magliaro brought Things To DoMarcia Strykowski had her latest tween novel Roller BoyGloria Mezikofsky brought her children's book A Perfectly Snowy Day AND her illustrator (who happens to be her talented husband, Mel:), Sally Chetwynd had a copy of her first novel, Bead of Sand, handy while announcing The Sturgeon's Dance was coming out in November, Hayley Barrett talked about her picture book, Babymoon, being released on April 2, 2019 and sharing the excited anticipation for a new release was Rajani LaRocca with her middle grade novel Middsummer's Mayhem set to release in the summer of 2019.

It was a wonderful event that included sweet treats and even sweeter conversations with some talented individuals. Those writers and illustrators in attendance who are new to the publishing world or who are trying to gather inspiration and information as they increase their creative output enjoyed a warm and welcoming atmosphere in which they were able to do so. Attendees came from as close as "down the street,"Reading, Wakefield, Melrose, North Reading, Peabody, and as far as Bradford, Concord, North 
Andover, Somerville and even Framingham.

This Meet & Greet was sponsored by The Room to Write and located in space being generously provided by Whitelam Books with thanks to local artist Ned Connors for the accompanying image.


June 18, 2018:

Shortly after participating in Wakefield's Festival by the Lake we enjoyed gathering with other artists at our quarterly Writers and Illustrators Meet & Greet which was held at the Lucius Beebe Memorial Library in Wakefield. We had a near even split of writers and illustrators--which was exciting!

We had our first playwright: David Mauriello who shared his book Reminders of Home, a few poets, some fiction and non-fiction writers as well as painters, pastel artists, pen & ink illustrators and Photoshop pieces as well. 

Thirteen of us attended and nearly everybody brought something to share. This was the first time we incorporated an opportunity to share writing or visual art with the group and it was well received and something we hope to do again in the future.

Local artist Ned Connors brought his portfolio which included a variety of styles and pieces he allowed us to pass around and take a closer look at. It was an inspiring evening.

Thanks again to the Wakefield Library for allowing us to use their beautiful Trustees Room and to local illustrator Kari Percival for lending us her beautiful illustration below to add some fun and style to our fliers and press releases.


March 19, 2018

The Room to Write's first-ever YOUNG Writers and Illustrators Meet & Greet was a bright spot in this cold, snowy winter! Some young people came for the refreshments but stayed for the creative expression and friendly 
camaraderie. Others were there to create first and foremost.

Over 20 young people brought their curiosity for creativity and their appetite for some sweet treats and hot cocoa. A couple of parents even joined in and got creative alongside their budding artists. 

Kidcasso Art Studio brought a variety of art supplies and paper along with their talented teachers: Caitlin, Erin and Jacob to help motivate and guide youth. The Boys & Girls Club's own Barrett, who does the visual art programming at the Wakefield Club, also gave some illustration pointers and motivation--and he LOVED those Watercolor Colored Pencils if anybody is looking to donate a wish-list item to the Club. 

Kids really enjoyed using the 6 typewriters available (3 manual and 3 electric). Thanks to Jack Canavan, Fred Kolack, and Jean & John Leary for allowing us to put their retired typewriters back to work with help from one of the few remaining typewriter sales and repair shops, owned by Wakefield native Tom Furrier, in nearby Arlington. Cambridge Typewriter got all the typewriters oiled, inked and ready to rattle off words. 

PJ Carmichael from Mass Love Distro was on-hand for anybody interested in learning about Zines. Casey, the youth librarian from Lucius Beebe Memorial Library, saw a lot of familiar faces and was able to share information about upcoming library programs for youth with attendees. 

All in all it was a great reminder of how a little hot cocoa and a lot of art in its many forms (written, visual, tactile, theatrical and musical) can draw a community together and that young people really enjoy being creative in the real world through very simple and tangible forms. 

Special thanks to youth artist Erin Rosa for accompanying image.


December 18, 2017:

Fifteen artists had a very festive time at Harrington's Pub in Wakefield, MA on Monday, December 18th. It was so nice to see some familiar faces as well as to meet new faces from the world of writing and illustrating. In addition to Wakefield, artists gathered from Melrose, Winchester, Waltham, Lynn, North Reading, and Stoneham.

There was a great representation of a variety of genres and attendees enjoyed getting to know each other as well as being introduced to various projects and ideas to ponder heading into the new year. Gathering with other writers and illustrators is always an opportunity to be both inspired and in awe of the local talent around us.

This Meet & Greet is sponsored by The Room to Write with special thanks to Harrington's Pub for providing a cozy corner to gather along with some tasty treats and especially to to local artist Alice Gardnerfor the accompanying image she allowed us to pair up with our announcements. 

Meet & Greets are held on a quarterly basis with the next one planned to be held in March and focused on young writers ages 18 and under.

Pictured in the photo above were the first 7 attendees to arrive ready to enjoy a casual evening sharing conversation with fellow artists.


September 18, 2017:

September's Meet & Greet hosted by The Room to Write at the Albion Cultural Exchange in Wakefield welcomed an enthusiastic group of writers and illustrators who live in Wakefield as well as the neighboring towns of Melrose, Lynnfield, Winchester, Burlington, Bedford, Watertown, Beverly and Salem. The event was a casual way to connect, get motivated and be inspired by other local writers and illustrators while enjoying coffee, tea and something sweet. 

In addition to having the opportunity to meet other writers and illustrators, attendees had opportunities to network and learn about some local resources available to them. Roberta Hung was in attendance representing the Massachusetts State Poetry Society that has some local chapters that meet in Beverly and Winthrop. Information was also provided about the Society for Children's Book Writers and Illustrators, Wakefield Community Access Television, the Wakefield Cultural Council, the Arts Collaborative of Wakefield, as well as a flier to inform people of the Community Conversation organized by Senator Jason Lewis being held Tuesday, September 26th at the Stoneham Theatre titled "Investing in Arts and Culture to Strengthen Our Local Economies." 

Writers and illustrators also received information about the Writers' Critique Group that meets every 3rd Thursday of the month and writing hours on Monday and Wednesday evenings at the Boys & Girls Club of Wakefield. Additionally, this was the first opportunity to introduce the idea of a collaboration between The Room to Write (TRtW) and Wakefield Cable Access Television (WCAT) to share the tangible and intangible journey of writing and publishing in a documentary-style program. 

This Meet & Greet was sponsored by The Room to Write and located in space being generously provided by the Town of Wakefield’s Albion Cultural Exchange with thanks to Committee Member Doug Henning for helping with setup and breakdown of the event and illustrator Rebekah Bonner for use of her art on the flier and advertisements. If you would like more information about TRtW or anything mentioned above, please contact Colleen Getty at or (781)621-8056. 

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June 5, 2017:

The Writers and Illustrators Meet & Greet held on Monday, June 5th, 6:00pm - 7:30pm, in the Wakefield Community Access Television (WCAT) Studios was a great opportunity to see what a wonderful resource we have here in Wakefield as well as to connect with some new faces. 

Please take this quick survey to tell us what type of series we should create with WCAT studios.

Six writers gathered--four of which had published books and one with a book going to the printer--to enjoy a sense of community among other writers as well as to talk about their books and the journey a book takes from idea to finished product. We enjoyed a tour of the studio space and were able to meet the staff at WCAT who so graciously allowed us to utilize their conference room for our meeting. 

The group discussed some ways in which we could celebrate and present the written word on screen. There was talk of one-on-one interviews with authors, round table author discussions, interviews conducted by student writers, as well as the idea of walking the audience through writing a book by showing the process through revealing the drafts that are written and demonstrating how an idea will start in one place and journey to a very different destination based on various leads as well as a sort of stream-of-consciousness process. 

There was also the idea of discussing some of the older and cherished books contained in public libraries as well as the various ways that a writer can publish their work: self-publishing, independent publishing, traditional, online, and on and on.

This event was sponsored by The Room to Write with support from the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators and located in space generously provided by Wakefield Community Access Television (WCAT)

Thank you to Rebekah Bonner for use of her illustration from the book From the Heart by Rafaela Atkinson. 

Read this article from the SCBWI Bulletin to learn more about video marketing: 

"Get visual for what's been called 'The Year of Video Marketing'"


April 3, 2017:

The Writers and Illustrators Meet & Greet held in The Savings Bank’s Community Room on Monday, April 3rd drew another healthy batch of writers and illustrators. The Room to Write is grateful for the support of the many talented individuals in attendance as well as to The SavingsBank and to SCBWI for supporting these outreach efforts. To get the creativity flowing we included a simple writing exercise during this meet and greet where each participant took a few minutes to free-write with a humble fruit or vegetable as their inspiration. It is amazing how ordinary objects can be seen for the first time and transformed by our imaginations.

This event was sponsored by The Room to Write with support from the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators and was held in a beautiful Community Room generously provided by The Savings Bank.

Thank you to illustrator Antonio DeLeo for the image below.


February 20, 2017:

The Writers and Illustrators Meet & Greet held in the Teen Room at the Boys & Girls Club of Wakefield on Monday, February 20th was a refreshingly casual and cordial opportunity to meet some local artists. The Room to Write would like to extend a thank you to all the talented artists in attendance as well as to the Boys & Girls Club ofWakefield and to SCBWI for their support. There was a wonderful mix of writers and illustrators already established or published as well as writers whose talents have lain dormant while starting families and working to pay the bills. Connecting in person remains an invaluable exercise—a source of both inspiration and motivation. There was even mention of notebooks being unearthed from closets and dusted off, reminding us that we can only go so long before something begins to gnaw at us until we can no longer ignore it and realize we need to nourish our minds, bodies and that sleeping giant within—our souls.

This event was sponsored by The Room to Write with encouragement from the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators and was held in meeting space generously provided by the Boys & Girls Clubs of Stoneham and Wakefield. The event was free of charge but attendees were asked to bring a children’s book to donate to the Boys & Girls Club of Wakefield’s member library. The writers and illustrators who gathered brought with them nearly 40 books, two that were signed by the authors and illustrators who created them, that will be enjoyed by the young people who benefit from the Wakefield Club as a home away from home. There are few greater gifts than that of words and a comfortable, safe place within which to read them.

Thank you to local illustrator Sarah Lynne Reul for the image below.