TRtW Founder/Director Colleen Getty is on sabbatical from 9/1/2020 until 9/1/2021
Find out more in the Stepping Away for Sabbatical blog entry.


While TRtW's fields lay fallow,
 our friends at FYACS continue to offer
creative programming in Melrose. 


to learn more or rent studio space through
Follow Your Art Community Studios

The Writing

TRtW is a 501(c)(3)

We need your suppport to succeed in fulfilling 
our mission:
To connect and support writers 
of all ages, abilities and means 
by providing the physical space and structured support individuals need in order to express themselves more effectively for academic, professional and creative purposes.

The Room

While on sabbatical, Colleen hopes to work toward publication and share what she learns from the experience when she returns.


Follow her progress and see what she is writing (using her maiden name: Kavanagh) 
at her new author site: