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It was great to see you at Wahlburgers for our quarterly Writers and Illustrators Meet & Greet! 

It was another great Meet & Greet! The positive vibes and creative motivation I get from these quarterly gatherings really help propel me a little bit further forward. Last Monday's Marketing Meet & Greet bonanza was no exception. It ruled! Read my recap-turned-itty-bit-rant about putting a price tag on passion in my latest blog entry HERE

We learned lots about marketing and the professional side of being creative. Everything from the absolute necessity of getting a head shot if you're going to take your creativity to a professional level (and that wasn't just the guy who takes head shots talkin'--it  seemed pretty unanimous among the group) all the way up to how to be the person who wrote the book on it (no matter what "it" is).

For those who were there and didn't write down some of the links that were mentioned, several lovely participants forwarded them along to me to pass onto you. Here they are:

Wendy Dennis wrote, "The mention of archetype marketing reminded me of a class I took on just that subject last Spring at the Enterprise Center at Salem Sate University: This organization offers a number of useful classes and programs on everything from social media skills to writing business plans, all at no charge. Feel free to forward this info to the group and/or post it online. It is a valuable resource for small business owners." I completely agree with Wendy and have taken a workshop there as well, which is how I met The Story Stylist Gayle Nowak.

Cathy Ballou Mealey shared the link she promised to send re: Copper Dog Books in Beverly. It's always great to learn about a local bookstore. Check out their story here:

Kathy Trainor sent along the link for the Institute for Writers:  and the Institute for Children's Literature:

Kelly Carey mentioned some blogs and things and passed them along to me. Here they are:  

* School Visit Pricing:

* Writing in Rhyme:

* Finding an Agent:

* Great Place for Help if You Are Just Starting Out:

The event was like a Marketing 101 course--but with a healthy mix of fried pickles and friendly faces. An exceedingly large THANK YOU goes out to the creative minds who joined us to make up the various "Points of Reference" armed with loads of great tips, tricks and advice to share. Thanks go out to: 

This Meet & Greet is sponsored by The Room to Write with special THANKS to Meghan Bierenbroodspot and Wahlburgers for hosting the Meet & Greet at their Lynnfield location. 

As always--it was a great group of creative human beings always willing to share what they know with anybody who wants to know. Thanks to all those who came out to our Writers and Illustrators Meet & Greet and also to those who followed up by sending me some of the links and messages mentioned. I look forward to seeing you at the next quarterly meet and greet!


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