The Writing

This page will feature links to blogs, websites, books and other types of amazingness 

from some of our wonderful local authors and illustrators. Lists are in alphabetical order.

If you have a blog, portfolio or book link you would like to add send it to  

Poetry & Prose:

Heather Adamson:               Read Blog

Jessica Belanger:                  Read Blog

Dom Capossela:                   Read Blog

Wendy Dennis:                     Read Blog

Eileen Doyon:                      Read Blog

Carol Gordon Ekster:           Read Blog

Colleen Getty:                      Read Blog

Marti Johnson:                      Read Blog

Linda Malcolm:                    Read Blog

John Natale:                          Read Blog

Satin Russell:                        Read Blog

Stephanie Sears:


Melissa Vieira:                      Read Blog

Ray J. Whittier:



Published Authors:

PJ Carmichael (Poetry/Zines)

Sally Chetwynd (Adult Fiction)

Rebecca Caprara (Children's Books)

Eileen Doyon (Non-fiction)

Alice Gardner (Picture Books)

Joe Gatto (Cookbook)

David Goodberg (Science Fiction)

Carol Gordon Ekster (Picture Books)

Kristen Henshaw (Non-fiction/History)

Ellen Holtzman (Non-fiction Essays)

Robert McLaughlin (History)

Jen Malone (MG & YA Novels)

Louis Prosperi (Motivational)

Sarah Lynne Reul (Picture Books)

Satin Russell (Romantic Suspense)

Stephanie V. Sears (Freelance Journalist, Essayist, Fiction and Poetry)

Melissa Vieira (Adult Fiction)

David Watts, Jr (Historical/Photography)


Rebekah Bonner

Alice Gardner

Kari Percival

Sarah Lynne Reul

David Watts, Jr