School Author Visits

The information below is provided solely for the purpose of assisting parents and teachers in contacting local authors in order to plan school and classroom visits that promote a love for writing and literature. Please contact authors directly with any questions using the contact information provided below. Feel free to check back in the future as the list will be updated whenever new author information is received.

The Room to Write is not an agent or director of the following services. TRtW is simply providing the information as a service to connect local authors and illustrators with their surrounding communities.

*If you are a local author and would like your contact and school visit information included on this page, please contact us.

Asselin, Kristine

The Art of the Swap, Any Way You Slice It, Falling for Wonder Boy

All my workshops are designed to be about forty-five minutes, but can be expanded by adding writing exercises. I bring a power point presentation for each, but do a lot of interactive discussion with the kids. I prefer smaller groups, but I'm able to do large groups as well. I typically come to a school for a full day, and deliver four workshops in different classrooms or groups in the library or media center. See my website for a menu of workshop titles and fee range. All workshops align with Common Core Standards and state curriculum frameworks for English Language Arts and Literacy.

Carey, Kelly

How Long Is Forever? (picture book)

I offer visits and workshop for students from K-8 and presentations for adults on how to get their own writing journey started. My school visits programs include helping kids create their own characters, and story adventures or giving kids an inside peek at the world of books by letting become their own publishing company. After April, my visits will include a book reading and activity of How Long Is Forever?. Please visit my website for more details on my programs.

Ekster, Carol Gordon

Some Daddies coming 2021!, You Know What?, Before I Sleep: I Say Thank You, Ruth the Sleuth and The Messy Room, Where Am I Sleeping Tonight? (A Story of Divorce)

I am a retired fourth grade teacher with 35 years experience. I have my Masters’ degree in reading and language, and have been a published author since 2008. I do an interactive presentation for one classroom or an assembly, talking about writing and tips for improving a student’s writing, the writing process, revision, being an author, etc., including many points I know are important for elementary students to hear. Writing, reading, and language standards will be touched on during this program.

Ho, Jannie

Bear and Chicken

My goal is to inspire their creativity and show them the possibilities of working as an author/ illustrator. This includes the many types of illustrations that I do, including various forms of books and beyond. I also speak about storytelling in art, character design, and my process. The visit (ideal for k-2nd grade) includes a look at first drafts and book dummies; and a discussion of combining text and art in picture books. I also show my process from sketches to the printed book. Each presentation is about 30 minutes plus 10 minutes for Q&A/drawing. I do a drawing demo, plus a collaborative drawing game where we develop our own personalized illustration as a group.

LaRocca, Rajani

MIDSUMMER’S MAYHEM but I have a Picture Book (SEVEN GOLDEN RINGS) coming July 2020!

I love doing school visits! My school visits are best for grades 3-7. My current book is MIDSUMMER’S MAYHEM but I have a PB (SEVEN GOLDEN RINGS) coming next July! I have lots more info on my website.

Mezikofsky, Gloria (Author) & Merrill (Illustrator) or (617) 347-7097


Merrill and I are available to do author/illustratIon shows with both children's books; A PERFECTLY SNOWY DAY and GOGGLES FOR A GLOOP. Children in preschool, kindergarten and grades 1-3 are just the right age.

Reul, Sarah Lynne


Thanks for your interest in having me present at your school! I love sharing my picture book-making process and getting students excited about writing and illustration, with a focus on growth mindset. My visits are full of behind-the-scenes images, detailing my process of writing & illustration, and my work with hand-drawn animation as well as my experiences teaching at the Museum of Science’s Overnight program lend a unique perspective and approach. . I talk about my connections to animation and how I gather ideas, draft stories, sketch, revise, and create final art. Most presentations run about 45 minutes, tailored for grades K-2 or 3-5. There’s time for Q&A, and often we can fit in a sneak peek into future projects or a quick drawing demo. However, if you have a specific part of the process where you would like some extra emphasis, please let me know!

Sanchez, Dianna

A Witch's Kitchen (2016), A Pixie's Promise (2018), An Elf's Equations (forthcoming in March 2020)

Dianna Sanchez discusses how to use imaginative and fantastic fiction to address real world problems.

Scott, Sandra Elaine

Home/Casa: A Bilingual Story & The Magical Day

I love to visit schools and share with students the joys of reading and writing. My children’s books complement the Common Core Social Studies Curriculum, as well as touching on important skills and ideas students and teachers can carry back to the classroom.

Tiede, Dirk I. or (773) 344-7125

Paradigm Shift 1: Equilibrium - Paradigm Shift 2: Agitation - Paradigm Shift 3: Emergence - Paradigm Shift 4: Flight (upcoming) - STRANGER

I love teaching about art and comics almost as much as I enjoy drawing them. I speak as a guest lecturer and lead workshops at schools, universities, libraries, comic shows, and summer programs. I work well with teens and pre-teens, as well as adults and college students. My comic workshops can cover a wide range of topics including: • “How to Draw Comics”—an interactive overview of how I create my comics from character creation, writing, roughs, pencils, inks to finished pages. I work with the students to create a character and short scenario and demonstrate how I quickly draw a three-panel comic with them. • “How to Draw Characters”—focuses on creating characters and drawing people • “Figure Drawing for Cartoonists”—focuses on drawing people and how to draw poses from observation • “How to Draw Action Scenes” —focuses on drawing characters in motion and exciting parts of a story • “Comics Storytelling”—focuses on how to tell a story image by image, page by page, and scene by scene • “Drawing Digital Comics”—how to use digital tools and techniques to quickly create comics and illustrations • “How to Draw Backgrounds”—covers setting, putting characters into a background, using reference photography effectively and ethically, and basic perspective drawing.

Vlock, Rob

Sven Carter & The Trashmouth Effect; Sven Carter & The Android Army

I’d love to come to your school! I offer a combination of school-wide assemblies, hands-on activities, classroom visits and fundraising to help make sure that spending a day with Rob Vlock will be fun, funny, educational and great for your students and your school. Sessions can be tailored for grades 3-8.