NaNoWriMo Newbies

Post date: Oct 14, 2017 7:25:17 PM

Meet two friendly and talented writers named Satin and Lynne who are the "Municipal Liasons" (MLs) devoted to helping writers crank out those words during (as well as a bit before and after) the month of November: National Novel Writing Month which is shortened to NaNoWriMo (which is pronounced: Nah-No-Ryme-O). Love it!

These gals were at Hamilton-Wenham's NaNo Newbie: Introduction to National Novel Writing Month where I learned all there is to know about this motivational and inspirational way to try to write a novel in one month. There are all sorts of "rebellious" ways to participate if you are not starting a novel or would like to adapt the idea to illustration or poetry or editing a draft of something you already wrote--but it sounds like it may be worth going the purist route "start to finish" if you haven't tried it yet and if for no other reason than for the full NaNoWriMo experience.

As I participate in this myself and support it in any way I can, I will add to The Room to Write's NaNoWriMo page to keep you updated. For the best way to stay in touch with this wonderful group or a group closer to you, sign up at the official page: and see for yourself. There are forums, events and all sorts of tools to keep you on track.

Once you sign up you can look up the North Shore region or check them out by clicking here.

Good luck!