Bookmaking at Brightview

Post date: Feb 27, 2020 2:58:8 PM

Sometimes we need to step out of our comfort zone and try something new--try something we don't think we will like or that we don't think we will do well. We may just surprise ourselves . . . and like it, or—do well.

On February 15th, singer/songwriter and artist Lisa Bastoni guided participants through a bookmaking workshop at Brightview Senior Living.

The Room to Write is grateful to the Wakefield Rotary Club, Lisa Bastoni, Brightview Senior Living and the 20+ participants who came out to create and share their stories with us!

Those in attendance (including a few grandchildren who partnered with their grandparents) thought the thoughts that helped weave the words that influenced the images in their minds and onto the paper that created a story that made up the pages of a book. They created the actual book, too.

It was a lot to expect in two hours, and while some seemed unsure at the beginning, each participant slowly let go of writing as they knew it and embraced a different approach. They all walked away with a beautifully and entirely handmade book that contained a slice of his or her life within it.

It can be difficult to create. It can be easy to resist a challenge. Difficult doesn't always have to mean bad and easy doesn't usually yield a feeling of fulfillment. It's the dance of life: tension and elation, struggle vs success, strength from challenge or atrophy from unused. Something about we humans insists we must go on.

It was certainly inspiring to watch the process of the workshop from perplexing start to enlightening finish.