An Ode to August

Post date: Sep 01, 2019 4:52:50 PM

August is gone. I didn't post. I was enjoying August so fully that I stayed by its side the entire month. I didn't want to believe it would ever fall behind me.

I couldn't let go long enough to blog about it. I just let the sun, sand and water slip through my fingers and toes and hair--relishing the feeling.

The sun hypnotized me and told me not to leave. So, I stayed. I played. I prayed for no end to summer.

But all things must end.

That stinks.

And so an ode is in order--to August. Here's to August!

Thanks for the memories.


What am I looking for

when I scan the horizon

searching for a sign

of what?

from who?


I'm looking for you

even though I know I won't find you.

I can't.

You're not here.

You weren't even here when you were


But I think I'll capture you

or a piece of you--

from you.

A note, I guess. A talisman, perhaps.

Telling me I'm not the only one looking

and remembering

and trying

to find something special

sparkling, shimmering

in between worlds.

What would it prove to find you,

to pick up a clue, left

for me, from you--