A Word of Thanks

Post date: Jun 13, 2019 3:51:39 AM

Thank you also to The Room to Write's Board of Directors who support our mission with their whole hearts: Emily Seward, Vice President; Jeanette Murray, Secretary; and Roberta Hung, Treasurer.

Words matter and since 2016 The Room to Write has been working to demonstrate just how important they are by supporting writers of every age, ability and means. We are grateful to see that the Chamber recognizes that we need more than just bread alone to nourish the human spirit and to create communities that don’t just survive—but thrive.

That’s where words come in. Out loud, in print and online, words have the power to connect us and to tear us apart. The ability to express ideas clearly in writing is the backbone of our educational system, fundamental to business success, a positive outlet for emotional expression, and a binding agent for the solid foundation on which social justice sits.

The Room to Write would like to thank the Wakefield-Lynnfield Chamber of Commerce for shining a light on words when they presented the Best New Business award to our nonprofit organization at their Annual Meeting on Thursday.

Many of you are familiar with the proclamation, “Man shall not live on bread alone. . .” I think we are all in agreement that human beings need physical sustenance to survive, but beyond maintaining life there is the deeper and more elusive concept of what it means to be alive.

Congratulations to our good friends and generous community partners at Wakefield Community Access Television Studios who were awarded the Best Business of the Year Award! We were so happy to share the night with them.