A Lovely Chat with Essayist and Author Linda Malcolm

Post date: Sep 29, 2021 12:36:41 PM

If you are looking for Linda's book or would like to read her essays, be sure to visit her website at lindamalcolm.com.

It was such a pleasure to get back into the WCAT Studios for our Journey of a Story series where we talk to local authors about how they write, what their inspirations are, then follow their journey from rough idea to finished, published product. As we transition (hopefully:) out of this pandemic, a chat with Linda Malcolm is something we can all benefit from. She is as calming and comforting as her collection of essays, Cornfields to Codfish, is. Despite having to wear masks--the studio location is inside a school--her voice shines through just as clearly as it does in each of her essays. Such a wonderful discussion!

Be sure to tune into the Studio page on our website to watch the interview with Linda Malcolm along with several other local author interviews we have filmed over the past four years.