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Journal Journeys (Walk 'n' Write)

Writers & Illustrators of all ages and abilities
join us for some fresh air and writing inspiration:
Tuesday, April 9th, 2019
from 9:00 am until 11:00 am
We will meet at the bandstand/gazebo at Lake Quannapowitt
for a chance to walk and to write.

About Journal Journeys:

We are getting out of our rooms for writing and outdoors. We will meet at 9:00 am and start walking by 9:30 am. We will walk and enjoy the fresh air and the sights and sounds of nature, pausing along the way to stop and write and reflect in our journals. Journals will be provided for those who do not have one. Bring a pen! This is a wonderful opportunity to contemplate something that has been on your mind, process difficult thoughts, think up creative ideas, observe and record what you see around you along the walk and otherwise get a little exercise and writing in at the same time.

This is a free series open to all ages and abilities. Bring your walking shoes and a pen!

Location & Schedule:

To Be Determined each month. April's walk will meet at the bandstand/gazebo at Lake Quannapowitt in Wakefield, MA.

Program Structure: 

9:00 – 9:30 AM: Meet up at the location: 
The first half-hour will allow participants time to arrive and do some writing before they set off. This is a good time to ask yourself a question in your journal or write down something that is bothering you or a goal for creative focus. The possibilities are endless and the walk will open up your mind and bring things to the surface that you hadn't thought of when you arrived.
9:30 – 11:00 AM: Walk & Write:
We will set out on our walk. We will try to pick spots that are scenic and easy to walk so that walkers of all abilities can participate. We will stop two or three times to sit or stand and write in our journals. The time in between writing is very valuable. It's a time to process thoughts and think about what you may have already written more deeply or explore other ideas, issues, questions or thoughts that come to the surface. You'll be amazed at how walking without distraction from headphones can open up your mind and how writing can take your to a deeper level in your thinking and expression.


There is no cost or registration for this writing series, but be aware that if you do not let us know you are hoping to join us we will not expect you or have a journal reading for you. So, please feel welcome to let us know you will be joining us and if you have any needs we need to be aware of.