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TRtW Membership

The Room to Write is now up and writing. It makes all the difference to have a room to work in where you can put your head down and get in the zone. It also helps to have a second room available to connect with other writers or illustrators to critique work, discuss a project or share information.

The Boys & Girls Club of Wakefield's Teen Room is our designated "Quiet" room and the Homework Help Room is our "Not-so-Quiet" room. The Teen Room is still due to receive some restaurant booths--which will be the perfect spot to write or illustrate--and other furniture, but already it is looking great.  

(Ground floor of Americal Civic Center) park on the Galvin/field-side of the building and enter through the side door). 

Come see the space, work in the space or stop by to ask questions and find out more!

Current Hours 

(Boys & Girls Club youth member hours of operation may extend until 7:00 pm on some days, so please do not arrive before 7:00 pm.)

Mondays: 7:05pm to 9:30pm  **There are no writing hours on Monday, December 10th--join us at our Book Bash instead!**
Wednesdays: 7:05pm to 9:30pm  

As we grow our hours will grow. Members will be notified via email when hours fluctuate. If there is a day and a time that you need work space that is not listed above, please send a request to 

Membership Benefits

The Room to Write was organized out of the need for a local space in which to work and with the goal of providing a supportive community for writers and illustrators to draw inspiration from, to gathering information through and to be motivated by. In addition to the intangible benefits, there are tangible benefits:

o   Local and reliable space

o   Quiet room for writing/working

o   Not-so-quiet room for meeting with critique groups, workshops, etc.

o   Workshops and Support

o   WCAT Membership (bronze) 

Membership Fee

$10/month – or - $100/year

(Fees are subject to change if hours or location change.)

Choose the payment option (monthly or yearly) from the drop-down menu and then click "Subscribe": 

The membership fee will go toward the costs associated with becoming a tax-exempt non-profit which will allow us to accept donations from various organizations and individuals as well as qualify our organization for arts and education grants.

Additionally, membership fees will offset costs associated with events, outreach efforts, marketing materials, website and technical administrative costs as well as working to secure a more permanent location. 

Membership Cooperative

Our limited Membership Cooperatives are a great opportunity to have access to our space and programs free of charge while helping us grow. This option requires a completed Cooperative Application and in-person meeting.

Choose one of the two options:

o   Facilitate an adult program that meets regularly in the space.

o   Commit to working in the space for a set number of hours on a set day of the week. 

Membership Cooperative Benefits:

o   Participants are entitled to all member benefits free of charge

o   The cooperative commitment serves as extra motivation to get out of the house and work your craft.

o   It allows the rooms to be made available for more hours during the week or for additional programming.